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IHD is a special waste landfill that accepts solid wastes primarily related to the exploration and production (E&P) of oil in the Williston Basin area of western North Dakota and Eastern Montana. We can also accept certain non-hazardous industrial waste like petroleum contaminated soils, spills, accident cleanups and carwash solids. Our permit also allows disposal of certain “Inert” wastes. All Wastes require approval prior to delivery to the facility.

Transportation of wastes to IHD or other landfills is available from IHD. IHD has several sizes of roll-off boxes available for disposal of Mixed Solid Waste, Construction and Demolition waste, recyclables and other waste streams. Transportation of wastes with a soil type matrix such as drill cuttings, is available from our sister company JMAC Resources, Inc. Our other sister company O.S.M. can supply you with fly ash and cement. Follow these links to our sister companies services: JMAC Resources for construction & trucking, O.S.M. for fly ash & cement.

Guessing costs you money: IHD weighs the waste it receives for accurate billing and tracking purposes.

Emphasis at our facility is placed on the safety of our employee’s and visitors to the site.

Our cohesive, experienced and knowledgeable team is here to give you peace of mind with your waste disposal needs, with particular expertise in regulatory compliance and landfill operations.

IHD has a large permitted capacity with acreage to expand upon.

Scoria products are available to haul out, for companies hauling waste in.

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